Captain's log

Moments to last. No marketing. Mistakes. Lessons. Falls in the mud. In the first person. Emotions. Steps forward. A laconic journal.

1 June, 2014: Pavlos creates our first web banner. It will be playing in the greek windsurfing forum. We feel corporate. Arrogance.

28 May, 2014: The first windsurf board to be repaired, arrives. It is made of thermoplastic and with the tools I have, I cannot repair. Irony. I find a way to fix it, to honour our customer.

21 May, 2014: We test the rocker "copier" with Aristos. It performs at 90% of what we aim at. Kind of success. To be continued...

20 May, 2014: We welcome our first true customer. An old, rusty Ideal bike with a heavily bent fork. We jump at it as if it was a Formula one car in a pit stop. Enthusiasm.

17 May, 2014: Me and Aristos begin designing and building our board rocker "copier". It looks like a moon buggy. Creative.

14 May, 2014: I thought I had found the perfect motto for the shop. No one likes it. They say it sounds more like a furniture shop. They are right. Disappointed. Cold.

14 May, 2014: The bureaucratic procedure at the IRS is completed. No actual autopsy. We move everything back in place. Sweaty.

12 May, 2014: We empty and move the whole workshop in my mother's living room. The shop has to be empty for the IRS's autopsy.

03 April, 2014: I weld thirty M10 nuts at the ends of round tubes for some project, one by one. They should have been M12. Idiocy.

28 February, 2014: We have a logo. We like it. It unites us.

27 February, 2014: I accidentally flip over my bolts - nuts - washers container. It takes me 4 hours to rearrange it. Calm.

15 February, 2014: We receive our first electricity bill. 3,5€ for electricity. 72€ for municipal and TV fees. Paranoia.

24 February, 2014: We have our first "custom" order. A steel frame - handle, to help an old lady with a broken hip sit up on her bed. The whole neighbourhood believes we will open a welding shop. The old lady is feeling better!

February in total: I weld whatever I can think of. 500kg of steel and 15kg of electrodes. Up in smoke…

12 January, 2014: The logo is being "baked".

Some ice cold morning of January: The custom board gets planning at nissakia spot for its first time. Happy.

30 January, 2014: Mr Dimitris D. demonstrates the basic arc welding procedures to me. I weld like shit. In love.

20 January, 2014: The workshop is rented. Doubt.

13 January, 2014: Pavlos presents us our logo's drafts.

10 January, 2014: Our first "under construction" html's float on the www.

07 January, 2014: I google "how to build your website..."

06 January, 2014: Our web address is consolidated.

01 January, 2014: The first fully handmade windsurf board is completed. I think it is beautiful. So does the owl for her little ones. Satisfied.

The whole 2013: The workshop idea is running around our brain. Some encourage us. Others just suck confidence. Regression.