The Workshop

We had been searching for a space dedicated to the art of "crafting" for a quite some time now. A space with no curtains to ruin, no rugs to stain and no tolerant neighbours to irritate. A workshop willing to accommodate and implement every idea of our own or of a like-minded fellow. A proper workshop, where the tools would find their place amidst calculated infrastructure, ambitious projects and next to the beer cooler. A workshop always ready to bear another hole in its walls, another unsuccessful venture in the garbage bin.

  • The workshop... The workshop... The workshop...
  • the bikes' side the wheels side... the bikes' side
  • the boards' side the boards side... the boards' side
  • the Wall. the wall. the Wall.

After years of practicing the art of crafting in bedrooms, living rooms, balconies, basements, storage rooms and communal yards, the Workshop is finally a reality!

The goal is to "deepen" its knowledge, to "expand" its activities and in time, constitute a gathering place for people who want things made with their own hands. People who when completing a project feel a void inside. A void that can only be filled… by the next project. > English version > Workshop