In brief, anything that is a "board" or is on wheels and fits through our workshop door, we take on (probably). In detail:

Services for boards:

Services for wheels:

Special services:

For those who lack time:

For those who prefer their own hands:

For those who want to learn:

Working hours:
Monday-Saturday: The workshop is open
Sunday and holidays: The workshop is closed

There is no strict time schedule.
We open after 9:00, we close before 21:00
Generally, better give us a ring before you come.
If it's windy, definitely give us a ring before you come!
The "mastoras" lives close by, so if we are closed and it's urgent, call!

* The service of receipt and delivery at your place is provided upon arrangement
** These particular lessons are given free of charge and are carried out at the workshop upon arrangement > English version > Services